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Managing your council's workforce and ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and employment awards is serious business. Councils are regularly faced with industrial matters, dismissals and employment matters requiring investigation.

Industrial matters have the potential for far reaching consequences. External expertise is often required to provide specific insight to the issue at hand and to complement your internal resources.

LGAQ Total Solutions provides a comphrensive industrial relations service to support councils in all industrial and dispute matters. LGAQ is recognised by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) as the industry representative for local government.


Our expertise and detailed knowledge of industrial processes ensures that your council's position is best represented:

  • Council can raise any industrial or employee matters through our IR helpdesk - phone 1300 542 700 (there is no cost to council for accessing the helpdesk or seeking general advice)

  • We work with your council to investigate disputes and IR claims.
  • We provide ongoing support during the your industrial matter.

LGAQ Total Solutions is here to help, offering expert industrial relations support and advice specific to the local government industry.

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