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Are your Leadership Teams Performing at Their Most Creative and Innovative Level?

High performance organisations consistently outperform competitors and realise bottom-line impact from their human capital functions. Credible research identifies five inter-related human capital areas in which high performance organisations excel:

  • Strategy - Human capital must be aligned to the business strategy.

  • Leadership - Leaders must communicate expectations, and develop and promote the right people.

  • Talent - HR strategy must be developed around the business model.

  • Culture - Values and beliefs must be aligned at all levels and in all departments.

  • Market - Every employee should know how his or her job impacts council performance.

Our organisational development solutions help councils identify problem areas and implement solutions to improve outcomes. As a result, the solutions delivered by our expert consultants enable Councils to increase talent attraction and retention, achieve positive cultural change, and improve leadership and organisational performance.


Highly experienced and skilled LGAQ Total Solutions consultants reverse engineer successful practices by going beyond the numbers and identifying tactics for implementation and execution.

Our consultants can work with you to build a high performing culture and ensure that you consider ‘what you need to do' and ‘the how' you will get to your destination.

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