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We recognise that effective and relevant training is an integral part of your organisation's needs. Identifying gaps and updating your internal capability is crucial to council's increased productivity and staff retention

As a Registered Training Organisation, LGAQ is a recognised industry leader for Queensland local government professional development and workforce training.

Our aim is to provide your council with training solutions that are time and cost-effective.  We consistently strive to enhance the flexibility of our scope of training as well as our modes of delivery, to meet your current and future demands.

LGAQ Total Solutions provides unique services to each member council by tailoring our training courses, programs, workshops and services.

What we Can OFFER YOU

Our council-specific range of courses are designed to be meaningful, engaging, and practical while remaining focused on local government and the many roles within council. The professional development and desktop applications training courses on offer, promise to increase your staff's cohesion as well as overall productivity. Our trainers and consultants are highly skilled and experienced professionals with years of practical and training experience in their field.

LGAQ's goal is to meet the many and diverse training requirements of our members throughout the state, recognising and acknowledging those skills through high-quality customised or publicly schedule training events.  

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