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Improving productivity and providing outstanding services is dependent upon fulfilment of organisational goals and objectives. Identifying performance requirements or needs that align with these areas is vital

Your Training Needs Assessment is the first step in the formation of a continuous cycle that ends with a new or updated training and development program for your staff and leaders, ensuring your resources are directed to the areas of greatest need within the organization.

LGAQ Total Solutions employs proven processes and collaborative methodology when assisting you to document the training needs of your staff, and to subsequently develop learning and development plans for implementation.

What we offer you

We utilise four basic steps to analyse your organisation's skills gaps and tailor a solution for your needs: 

Step 1:  Health-check of your business
Step 2:  Consultation with your staff
Step 3:  Creation of a training needs profile
Step 4:  Establishment of a training and development plan


Your Business Health Check will investigate your business goals, your bottoms line, overall productivity levels, client satisfaction, your business systems, the quality of your outcomes and identify any parts of your business that may need improvement.


Any smart employer knows their staff are their biggest assets. Our role here is to help you identify skill gaps by providing Training Needs Analysis tools as well as reviewing Roles vs KPIs combined with staff interviews or results of historic interviews/performance appraisals.

Our expertise in this area will assist you to streamline an up-skilling process and identifying areas of improvement to help increase productivity and overall job satisfaction. Other areas of interest here will be cross-skilling of staff and investigating staff career aspirations.


We will provide you with outcomes from the Staff Consultation process. These will include suggestions for up-skilling and training to match roles with the skills required for those roles. We will identify staff who may benefit from Recognition of Prior Learning and make recommendations for suitably recognised qualifications. 

Our Training Needs Profile will be a concise document outlining suggestions for improving overall productivity of your organisation by providing quality, timely and cost-effective training solutions.


The final step in our process is to work with you to create a suitable training and development plan for your staff. This may include a variety of short courses and National Qualifications. These can be delivered as instructor-led in house programs, via distance learning or through online/eLearning. 

We will also advise on government funded qualifications and eligible staff members who meet this criteria, in order to reduce the overall training investment for your council. Our final Learning & Development plan will include

  • the employees identified for training
  • the training needs identified
  • courses allocated with dates, venues and session times readily available

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