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Recognising capacity and responding to local needs with local solutions is essential to effective disaster management plans

The Emergency Management Assurance Framework (EMAF) will measure how your council is performing against legislative, regulatory and community expectations. The self-assessment, audits and post-event reviews will concentrate on the effectiveness of your plans, systems and arrangements. Just 'having a plan' is no longer the measure.

LGAQ Total Solutions offers a comprehensive service to guide your planning processes, ensuring that your plans are contemporary, effective and aligned with local partnerships.


  • avoid over-commitment of your resources by providing increased access to leading edge, flexible shared service opportunities

  • reduce the threat to the viability of your community with business continuity planning that includes consideration of, and planning for the possibility of economic or environmental disaster

  • manage your Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC) during disaster response and recovery periods with the development of comprehensive operational systems and optional support offerings

  • maximise your ability to deal with controversies before they hit the headlines through the incorporation of communications and media strategies as a key area of disaster management planning

Once your plans are developed we can also lead staff through a suite of disaster management training exercises to ensure the practical application of your plans is tested and accepted.

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