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Awareness of the demands of the news media and understanding how to influence media institutions underpins successful media strategies

The ability to articulate your key strategies with confidence will gain the respect and endorsement of the community, subsequently developing the cut-through needed to ensure your key messages are heeded in times of political and community unrest and in crisis situations.

The LGAQ Total Solutions team can equip you with the tools needed to understand the priorities of the media and help you become an effective media performer.


We can show you the right way to:

  • establish strong relationships with local media
  • handle the trickiest of interviews and
  • manage communications during a crisis

Our team have advised premiers, top bureaucrats, academics and company directors on dealing with the media. We boast a wealth of experience in mainstream newspapers, TV and radio and also offer a unique insight into how local government can manage and thrive in the emerging world of social media.


LGAQ Total Solutions offer media relations service aimed at maximising the abilities of your council to deal with controversies before they hit the headlines. This is especially valuable during crisis and disaster manangement situations when community emotions and sentiments are particularly sensitive.

As former journalists, our team has intimate and detailed knowledge of the needs and practices of local, state and national media.

We are experienced in advising and collaborating with councils on crisis management - before, during and after these events.

Many strategies can be put in place to avert bad news stories occurring and to prepare your staff and leadership team to mitigate the instances where this does occur - contact us to discuss how these strategies  can work for your council.

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