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A healthy and growing local economy is the cornerstone of a thriving community

Stepping out as a strong, forward-looking local government you can lead your local businesses and inspire your region to take full advantage of economic opportunities to deliver a prosperous and productive future.

LGAQ Total Solutions has a suite of options available to help your council nurture and grow local economies through careful planning and development of local opportunities.

We can help you

  • refine your priorities and levels of investment in economic development including a focus on tourism and the digital economy

  • expand your capabilities by increasing your knowledge of, and access to, professional events, resources and pro bono programs

  • build your team's capacity with facilitated, self-guided or assisted training programs

While our signature worksops based on the Economic Development and Investment Attraction Guidelines guide you through an integrated five-step process to identify, prioritise and action economic development opportunities.

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Our work for councils Our work for councils

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