Here's what our clients say about LGAQ Total Solutions and our consultants.

Southern Downs Regional Council

Craig was fantastic under pressure! He delivered a brilliant communications plan for SDRC at a time when we had nothing, under fire, and in need of assistance to turn it all around. Craig provided a steady hand, sound advice, and a platform to move the Council forward to develop long term relationships, and deliver key messages across the Region.

Andrew Roach | Chief Executive Officer

Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council

Thanks heaps for taking us through the budget, corporate plan and operational plan... it was great!

John Mugambi | Finance Manager

Torres Shire Council

Torres Shire Council (TSC) has benefitted greatly from our relationship with LGAQ, in particular, through the long-term engagement of LGAQ Associate, Peter Tragardh. Over the past three years, Peter has built an outstanding working relationship with both the Mayor and the elected members and the Chief Executive and executive team, which is testament to Peter's ability to unite people at all levels.

There is no substitute for the trust and mutual respect that must be evident in order to build the working relationship Council has, and Peter's integrity, professionalism, cultural awareness and management skill provides the cornerstone on which that has been built.

Pedro Stephen | Mayor
Dalassa Yorkston | Chief Executive

Cloncurry Shire Council on behalf of North West Queensland Councils

The LGAQ North West Queensland Councils Social Media Workshop benefitted the collective Councils greatly. More often than not we have to travel for training, so having Samantha and Craig travel to Cloncurry for the workshop meant we had greater representation from each of the seven Shires involved and opened up opportunities for more Council Officers to better their skills. Collaborating in this way also meant, the participants were able to share their knowledge and skills with one another. It bought together local, like-minded people which we can now tap into as a group to share experiences and bounce ideas off one another. Thank you to the representatives of McKinlay, Flinders, Richmond, Winton, Burke and Carpentaria Shire Councils for their participation. Many thanks to Samantha and Craig and we hope to see them up in the North West again soon.

Thea Dasis | Community Engagement Officer

Maranoa Regional Council

I have worked with many, many consultants over the years, and I would rank LGAQ's Total Solutions as one of the most insightful and strategic teams with whom I've partnered. They have effectively challenged our organisation's thinking, helped us better analyse our business insights and performance, and always ensured that we keep our Customers, the ratepayers and residents of our region, top of mind to drive fact-based strategic choices for the Council's  business needs. I would recommend LGAQ's Total Solutions to any Council that is making tough, strategic decisions to better deliver customer outcomes.

Donald Wells | Manager - Human Resources

Blackall-Tambo Regional Council

This workshop (social media) absolutely enlightened the Council on the need to grasp social media. To not fear it, rather to embrace it. In this changing world you need all forms of communication to connect to your community. 

Ken Timms | Chief Executive Officer

Cassowary Coast Regional Council

The LGAQ Total Solutions' consultant provided has developed a strong relationship with the Cassowary Coast Regional Council over a number of years. Their consultant is recognised for expertise and experience in industrial relations, human resources, change management, provision of training and workforce investigations.

The consultant provided by Total Solutions assisted CCRC during an extensive external investigation in 2011/12, by providing procedural and case law advice and guidance. Their advice and guidance was extremely valuable and were available to assist at all times.

Subsequently, they conducted training on Council's updated Code of Conduct to all Council employees over a 3 day period involving 360 employees.

In 2013 the consultant again assisted Council with training for supervisors, coordinators, managers and directors covering performance management and conducting performance appraisals.

LGAQ's Total Solutions consultant has always been extremely thorough in preparation and planning in relation to the provision of training to Council. They ensure that the content of training courses provided is in line with relevant policies and procedures used by Council and the training course work books are well written and thought out. Their communication skills and style are such that they are able to engage with employees at all levels and get the necessary information across in a way that is clearly understood.

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council has always received the highest level of support, advice and service in all their dealings with the consultant provided over a number of years.

Terry Brennan | Chief Executive Officer

Central Highlands Regional Council

Council has utilised the services of John Lamb as a moderator in the bargaining process for a new Certified Agreement. Whilst the draft agreement has not been put to the vote as yet, John's vast experience with negotiations, industrial relations and his knowledge of awards has been beneficial to council in facilitating robust discussions to achieve an acceptable outcome for all parties to the agreement.

Bryan Ottone | Chief Executive Officer

Rockhampton Regional Council

Over a number of years, Rockhampton Regional Council has engaged John Lamb from Lamb Workplace Relations Consulting, through LGAQ, on various projects and assignments. These projects and assignments have seen John provide Council with advice and assistance in:

  • Certified Agreement negotiations

  • Industrial relations matters including award and legislation interpretation

  • Grievance and dispute resolution including conducting mediation sessions.

John's approach to his work is appreciated by all who work with him in every instance. He is straight-talking, able to build rapport quickly, and has the knowledge and experience to enable him to be of great value to our organisation.

I would have no hesitation in recommending John to any organisation which may need assistance or advice on any industrial relations matters.

Evan Pardon | Chief Executive Officer

Goondiwindi Regional Council

At Goondiwindi Regional Council, our Investment in People project is quickly becoming an integral part of our everyday operations. Our LGAQ consultant, Peter Tragardh, visits for one week a month on a planned program that has helped us with everything from uniting our executive team on HR strategy and priorities to giving our frontline supervisors the confidence to manage performance and build better teams. Our in house HR person is also benefitting from expert coaching that will allow her to progress quickly – another major aim of this critical investment by council in its people.

Peter Stewart | Former Chief Executive Officer

Balonne Shire Council

With limited in-house capacity and competing time constraints, Council has used LGAQ Total Solution's consultant to support Council's business efficiency measures and operational needs. They have been able to provide a complete support package assisting Council with structural realignment, efficiency scans, strategic planning and various human resources support including position description development, salary reports, grievance mediation and recently development of a new Employee Code of Conduct including the re-induction of all employees.

Their consultants have extensive knowledge and years of hands-on experience which has allowed them to provide Council practical solutions which have been well accepted by all parts of the organisation from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Donna Stewart | Mayor

Bundaberg Regional Council

“Greg Newman, Senior Advisor Workplace Relations, provides Bundaberg Regional Council with robust and commercial advice and advocacy.  Thank you Greg for your real time advice and assistance ….”

Karen Craft | Manager People and Culture

Torres Strait Island Regional Council

As the first Council to undergo a Certified Agreement after the introduction of the Modern Award, we found Nick’s assistance to be beneficial.  An overwhelming 98.25% of our employees voted in favour of the Certified Agreement and Nick’s contribution was instrumental in Council’s success with creating a better environment for our employees and enabling better services for our communities.

Bree Lloyd-Hannah | Human Resources Manager

Bulloo Shire Council

Bulloo Shire Council recently underwent an IR audit for the first time. We found this an extremely helpful and positive experience. A reassurance for the things we were doing well and an independent set of eyes to ask 'why do you do that' when comparing us against the rest of the sector. As a result we have taken a number of key recommendations on board to implement actions that will not only improve operations, these actions will also save us money. The end result will be more money that we can continue to re-invest into our most important asset - our people. 

Edwina Marks | Chief Executive Officer

Whitsunday Regional Council

LGAQ Total Solutions are just that - a total solution for a busy council. The professionalism of the team is up there with the very best consultants I have used. LGAQ Total Solutions once notified of our concerns had produced a brief, and were on the job rapidly. Thank you LGAQ..

Barry Omundswon | Chief Executive Officer

McKinlay Shire Council

May I compliment you on the material you have presented and the NPARC CEO invitation/ briefing document – very comprehensive and impressive.

John Kelly | Chief Executive Officer

Mackay Regional Council

We had a complex complaint that could not be investigated internally and found that LGAQ Total Solutions' response was very efficient and cost effective. The investigator's knowledge of the local government environment and high level investigative skills helped us to resolve the matter quickly and effectively.

Joe Pappalardo | Manager of Governance and Safety

Bundaberg Regional Council

Suzanne Wishart conducted a payroll audit over a couple of days. Suzanne made our staff who participated in the audit feel comfortable and that their opinions were valuable. I would recommend the payroll audit to other Councils.

Karen Craft | Manager People and Culture